Mindfulness, Positivity, Leadership, and Impact for Workplace Wellbeing

Our Purpose

Changing the way we work together through Mindfulness based leadership tools.  Enhancing productivity, positivity, and community through
positive leadership, corporate mindfulness programs, and coaching.



Impact Online

UPWRD Impact Online Programs bring ease and integration to the strategic mindfulness tools we teach.  Accessible from your desk employees have access to our unique and custom online programs that launch your company UPWRD. 




We have a full menu of mindful leader workshops, mindfulness and meditation classes, yoga services, and special event creation available to bring to your team.  Book a call with me to talk about your needs so I can tailor a package to your business focus.


Individual Coaching

Are you a leader who feels like you are always playing catch-up?  Do you wish you build more cohesive teams and connect more to the people in your life and work?  Sometimes we all need a little work/life balance help.  Let's talk!



What Clients Say

"charismatic approach really engages people"

"Lisbeth’s welcoming and inviting style of teaching truly caters to all levels of participants, and her charismatic approach really engages people, to the extent that we’ve seen this partnership cement itself as a core aspect of our health and wellness programming for students, faculty and staff.  In my opinion, wellness can be somewhat of a cliché tern in certain circles, but Lisbeth and the Good Yoga project have truly been instrumental in helping us make that a part of the BCM culture, and we could never thank her enough for her hard work and the energy she brings on campus every week."

Baylor College of Medicine



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